Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another 5 years....

goodness...what has happened to that time?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Two years - seriously??

I am in shock. Two years since I last blogged....gone. Time for Flat Golly to have some adventures!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


So much for my diagnostic powers! I dragged himself to A&E - after a two hour wait and a trip to x-ray (loved it!!!) we discovered that Neil has broken his foot! (his 5th metatarsal to be precise) His leg is in plaster and he has the prospect of six weeks of it! I am in the doghouse for taking him to hospital rather than leaving him in ignorance of his injuries as he was quite happy hobbling about!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pain, what pain?

Neil twisted his foot at work yesterday. Being the caring, sharing NHS worker that I am I have completely dismissed his injuries. So he can't weight bear, it's swollen and it does have some wicked brusing...that doesn't mean he can't wash up does it!!
I may have to take him to A&E tomorrow if things don't improve....not a prospect to relish.
He has let me take some photos to scrap though!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Chrissie tagged me on Thursday to

1. Grab the book closest to you.

2. Open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence.

3. Post the text of the following three sentences on your blog.

4. Name of the author, and book.

5. Tag three people of you own.

So here goes,

"And just the once I kicked down a door that the patient refused to open because they were schizophrenic and didn't want to open the door - not that I knew that at the time.

I've even been surprised at the ease in which I can kick down the doors of the flats I live in. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I am scared with the ease in which the doors can be broken.'

The book is 'Blood, sweat and tea' by Tom Reynolds.

Tom is actually Brian Kellett, an Emergency Medical Technician (paramedic) with the London Ambulance service who writes a blog of his experiences on the streets of London. The book is a collection of his favourite posts. It is full of black humour (the best medicine for the stresses of dealing with the sick, dying and dead I have found) and I laughed out loud at some of the comments...but it also full of sad touching stories too. It is the kind of book you can dip in for half an hour when you grab a cup of tea.

As for tagging..I don't know many bloggers so...Tina it falls to you lovey!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How old is your brain?

As anyone who knows me will confirm, I am a self confessed technophile...which is why I had a Nintendo DS on the top of my Christmas list. I love my little machine although prising it from Martin's hands is sometimes a challenge!
One of my favourite 'games' is 'How old is your brain?' (Although Trauma Centre virtual surgery comes a close second!) Anyway at my first attempt my brain is apparently equivalent to an 80 year old...which if I was 85 would be reassuring but at half that age it is a sure sign that I am slowing down. I have been busy training my brain and can I proudly say that I now have the brain of a 20 year old!! This is largely because my mental maths has improved considerably! So perhaps it is true after all - use it or lose it!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Moles - of the chemical kind!

Martin has his chemistry exams this week. He has been busy revising and I have been 'helping' by testing him and working through examples with him. I am now beginning to remember why I never stuck with Chemistry!
There seems to be a lot of maths involving moles. If like me you think moles are blind creatures that dig holes then you will appreciate the struggle. If however like Martin you understand Chemistry like other people understand foreign languages then moles, molar mass and molarity will be easy-peasy!!